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Off piste

From fantastic classic routes (good for warming up) to peaceful itineraries in the resort. Try the adventure and discover some of ESPACE KILLY’s secret spots.

-You’ve had enough of crowded slopes and have never dared !!! I will teach you off piste techniques and then we’ll ride some wonderful itineraries.

– You can already ride anywhere and you’re willing to ride open spaces; I’m your man ! I promise a unique experience, in safe conditions.

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DVA, sac, pelle & sonde provided


– Improve your technique to save your energy
– Get more competence in different snow types
– Discover amazing landscapes you will never forget
– Be at the right place at the right time

Thanks to my knowledge of ESPACE KILLY and its snow, I’ll make your off piste days unforgettable on dozens of gradients for any level.



Number of people        1-2 people.   3-4 people.   5-6 people.

Full Day……………………… 550 €            600 €            650 €
Morning (9am to 1 pm)….. 420 €            450 €            490 €
Afternoon (2 to 4 :30 pm). 290 €            330 €            370 €

Options : SD cards with photos and video 30 €

For all other inquiries please contact me: > Send a request

Rates and conditions

A 30% deposit via bank transfer will be necessary to confirm your booking.
As soon as I receive this I can confirm your reservation.
If you cancel your reservation 3 weeks prior to the reserved dates, your 30 % will be handed back to you.
In case the weather is bad, I am the one who will make the final decision to cancel one or more days. Cancelled days will be refunded.

Extra benefits

– Thanks to my knowledge and experience, I avoid crowded sites.
– I optimize your stay in the resort thanks to off piste rides, the best slopes.
– I meet you the day before your reservation (in the resort or at your place) to customize your program according to your wishes and needs.
– Maximum 6 people in a group so I can guaranty your safety.
– I always carry a radio to be in touch with the Valley and its safety headquarters.
– Every group member has its own DVA (Detecteur de Victimes d’Avalanche)( you’ll learn how to use it)
– I provide DVA,  a bag / shovel and probe per person.
– Video can make the difference : thanks to the latest Go Pro 7 camera, we will be able to analyse your progress together and to customize new programs. Of course, magical moments and photos will be kept as souvenirs.
– Systematic debriefing after each session to check on your improvements and to focus on new goals.



Safety is high priority in my teaching and I’ll do anything possible to minimize the risks :

– Daily in-depth checking of the weather forecasts and the avalanche risk
– Choice of the itineraries according to the weather and the snow quality
– I always carry a radio to be in touch with the Valley and its security headquarters
– Every group member has its own DVA (Detecteur de Victimes d’Avalanche) ( You’ll learn how to use it)
– I provide a bag / shovel and probe for the group.

If the snow conditions are too dangerous, if the visibility is not satisfying, if you are tired … and since I am a French qualified instructor, I would adapt the itineraries or the objectives to ensure your safety.